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Gentry's founder, Evelyn Hickerson stands in front of bookshelves filled with decorative books

About gentry's 

The Gentry's Educational Center is a grassroots movement started by Evelyn Hickerson to offer children in Franklin, TN the opportunity to enrich their lives through education and mentoring. Supporting this banner of change through community and grants has made it possible to offer a summer camp that includes academic instruction as well as music and sports. A host of teachers and education professionals joined Evelyn in creating meaningful and exciting activities for approximately 100 students for 4 weeks in the summer.                 


The vision of the Gentry's Educational Center expanded to include students from kindergarten to upper elementary grades. Before and after school tutoring with certified teachers is also offered. Students are given needed instruction to fill gaps in learning, but more importantly, given guidance and mentoring to realize their full potential. The local community and Franklin Special School District joined to make this dream a reality. Gentry's Educational Center needs your support to fulfill our commitment to touch the lives of children in Franklin, TN.

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